The USE of Knowledge is Power.

Who We Are

 CLS Comprehensive Services, LLC  is a mental health services organization located in Flossmor, Illinois. We cater to individuals, couples, families, institutions and organizations in the Chicagoland area. CLS Comprehensive Services, LLC was created to meet the mental health and wellness needs of those located in south suburban communities.

Our Approach

 Our approach is based on the assumption that people make healthy choices when they are able to focus constructively on their options. The assistance we provide is based on increasing awareness of those options, accessing the necessary resources to manage emotional life, and increasing overall psychological and spiritual well-being..

Our Philosophy

We challenge the theory that “Knowledge is Power”. It is our belief that knowledge itself is not power–the USE of knowledge is power. Our goal is to assist our clients in gaining knowledge and guide them in applying the principles that will allow them to get to a resourceful place to achieve the lifestyle that they desire and deserve.