About CLS


About Us

CLS Comprehensive Services, LLC was created to meet the mental health and wellness needs of those located in south suburban communities.  The need for comprehensive mental health services in this area is great, but the negative stigma associated with these services is even greater.

Our Mission

CLS Comprehensive Services is dedicated to fostering resilience, hope, and wellness through evidence-based, culturally-sensitive therapeutic care.

Our Vision

We seek to transform communities and strengthen families by enhancing access to supportive
services where we live, work and play.

Therapeutic services include counseling, consultation, training, and workshops.

Serving Communities

We endeavor to promote mental health and wellness in schools, homes, and communities while serving a diverse client base. In doing so, our efforts will foster mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with individuals, organizations, school districts, businesses and community leaders to enhance mental health and wellness services.

Lasting Change

We collaborate with our clients to assist them in shifting to an internal focus that becomes that catalyst and motivation for lasting change. Approaching change from an internal focus allows the clients to have ownership of their process of change and has the potential for increased sustainability.


CLS adheres to the ethical standards set forth by the American Counseling Association (ACA) and frequently collaborates with other agencies and practitioners; this allows us to develop sound interventions and programs to better serve our clients’ needs.